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Summer Term:

Year 6 have had an awesome last term at Redhill. As expected, the SATs were an absolute breeze for our superstar learners. As you'd expect, they were totally at ease with the exams - no panic and smiles all round.

The highlight of the term was definitely the trip to Kingswood outdoor adventure centre. All of the children had a wonderful time. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to shine in a different way to normal classroom and school environment. At the end of each day, Mrs Parkin, Mrs Taylor and I would share stories of how kind, encouraging and brave the children had been. Especially during the rock climbing, 3G-swing and the zipwire, the level of support for their peers was off the scale. 

In class, we have been studying Kensuke's Kingdom - what a fantastic read! The children enjoyed imagining living on a desert island and wrote their own diary entries from Michael's perspective. In maths, the children enjoyed constructing shelters for Michael out of bamboo canes and then working out the perimeter, surface area and volume of their structures. Outdoor learning at its best!

In the Autumn term, the new year 6s will be stepping up to the plate; we can't wait to have them. They are nice looking bunch who I'm sure will be able to rise to the challenge of the year 6 responsibilities and will do a great job of looking after their Duckling buddies. In class, we shall studying Goodnight Mister Tom and learning about World War Two - we have already planned many things to research and learn about during 'Class Swap' week.

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Spring Term:

Year 6 have absolutely stormed through the spring term. This term we have been learning about world landmarks and reading the London Eye Mystery story. The children thoroughly enjoyed cracking the mystery of Ted and Kat’s missing cousin – Salim. In the novel, Salim goes up on the London Eye but never appears to get off… or did he?

In literacy, we have been mastering how to write our very own gripping mystery stories. The young novelists expertly wove various clues into their narratives to enable the reader, if quick-witted enough, to work out who the perpetrator could be. We wrote stories based on the murder mystery board game of Cluedo; on a crime and in a setting of their choice; and on the thought-provoking Harris Burdick pictures. Continuing on the theme of writing, you would be more than welcome to come and take a look at our storm poetry book to which every member of the class has contributed an evocative poem.

Tying in with our storybook and topic of Landmarks, we have spent time researching and investigating the amazing Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about Howard Carter’s tenacity and ferocious desire to locate Tutankhamun’s tomb and how he went go to any length to achieve his dream.

Autumn Term:

Year 6 got off to a flying start to the academic year. This term, the Skylarks were learning all about World War II – they absolutely loved it! We studied how the war effected every aspect of people's lives: from children being evacuated to the alien countryside; housewives going to work in factories to make bombs; and school teachers heading off to war to fight for their country. The world was never the same again after the war. The children were especially interested in how food was severely rationed during, and for many years after, the war.

The class used all their knowledge of WWII during their fantastically successful Enterprise afternoon. The parents were treated to some 'tasty' WWII cake recipes, without eggs or sugar (yummy!); expertly created PowerPoint presentations on The Blitz; a highly entertaining Lindy-Hop Dance performance; and the children's Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) newspaper articles were on sale.

In Science, we learnt about light and shadows and had an awesome time creating shadow puppet shows. The children based their shows on young children's picture books; the Ducklings thoroughly enjoyed watching them and couldn't stop speaking about them!

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