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Spring Term 2018-19

We have had a brilliant start to 2019 in year 6! Our topic this term is Landmarks and Mysteries. We are travelling around the world and looking at a wide range of landmarks and some of the fascinating mysteries which surround them. This will include the Pyramids in our history lessons where we are focussing on Ancient Egypt. Furthermore, our class novel is The London Eye Mystery and we are thoroughly enjoying trying to work out what happened to Salim when he mysteriously disappeared from the London Eye.

In our English lessons, we will also be writing our own mystery stories based on both the Cluedo board game and on the short story 'Francis' by Dave Eggers. Whilst looking at Francis, we will also be using our ICT skills to film and create our own spooky trailers for our stories. 

It has already been a fantastic term and we can't wait to see all the amazing work which our year 6's will produce!


Autumn Term 2018-19

Our class has had a fantastic start to their time in Year 6! This term, our topic is World War 2 and we will be learning all about this tragic chapter in history and looking at the causes and effects of the conflict. So far in our topic lessons, we have been looking at the culture of this era and comparing it to our own. In our first week, we examined several famous films of the period and researched the top actors of the time. Once we had developed our understanding, we used our ICT and modelling skills to insert ourselves in to some iconic film posters.

Furthermore, we have been studying the blitz and rationing. Using our DT and maths skills, we have recreated World War 2 meals using salt dough and we have even weighed the salt dough to ensure that it is equal to the weight of each item it represents. Whilst learning about the Blitz, we have used our art and drama skills to create dramatic pictures of an air raid using silhouettes and to re-enact what it would have been like to experience a night in an air raid shelter.

To link with our topic, our class book for the term is Goodnight, Mr Tom and we have absolutely loved it so far! The children have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the characters and have demonstrated a particular soft spot for the seemingly grumpy Mr Tom. We have used this book in our English lessons too and have written our own diary entries from the perspective of an evacuee who has been sent to the countryside to live with Mr Tom.

In our Maths lessons, we have been using our place value knowledge to research and truly understand the magnitude of the death tolls during the war and to empathise with the sheer scale of the tragedies which took place.

We are thoroughly enjoying the topic and are looking forward to holding an Enterprise day in November where we will be dressing as evacuees and inviting our parents in to see the documentaries we are making and to sample some traditional World War 2 recipes which we will be baking and selling. Furthermore, we will soon be visited by a professional photographer who will be taking 1940's style headshots of us dressed in the attire of famous actors and actresses. We can't wait!

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