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 Autumn Term 2019-20

This term, the Year 5 class novel is Coraline by Neil Gaiman. There is a film adaptation which we have looked at to help inspire some of our writing and Big Maths!

This term, Year 5 are learning all about Mexico. We have studied where Mexico is on a map, the surrounding seas and the key physical features of this country.  We will also be looking at the Mexican Day of the Dead festival and learning all about the where, when and how it is celebrated. This learning will be culminated in an Enterprise day, taking place in November, where we will be holding our own Day of the Dead festival and selling lots of Mexican food, Day of the Dead memorabilia and traditional games.

For our History topic, we are learning about the Aztec origins of the Mexican people and finding out all about their fascinating culture and history.  We have looked at some of the art work of Diego Rivera and will be studying him and his work in more detail.

In Science, we are learning all about space. We have looked at our solar system and the planets it contains. We will even be designing our own planets!

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