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Autumn Term


This term, year 5 have been learning all about Mexico. We have studied the Day of the Dead festival and learnt all about the where, when and how it is celebrated. This learning culminated in a fantastic Enterprise day where we held our own Day of the Dead festival and sold lots of Mexican food, Day of the Dead memorabilia and traditional games.


For our History topic, we have learnt about the Aztec origins of the Mexican people and found out all about their fascinating culture and history.


In Science, we have been learning all about space and we have looked at our solar system and the planets it contains. We have even designed our own planets!


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Summer Term

This term we have been learning all about Ancient Greece. In our English lessons, we have been reading Greek Myths and rewriting them as scripts, poems and short stories. We have also sampled lots of different Greek food and written our own menus for a Greek restaurant.

In our Humanitiess lessons, we have been learning about Ancient Greek life, gods, philosophy and politics! The children have created their own Gods and mythical creatures and designed their own Greek style pottery and plates.

In Science we have been learning all about Life Processes and we even had some chicks in so that we could watch them hatch and learn about their life cycle. It has been a fantastic last term with a fantastic group of children. 

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Spring Term

This term, the Kingfishers have been learning all about Crime and Punishment throughout History. We started the topic with a visit to the Galleries of Justice where we had the chance to look in some real cells and find out about all sorts of gruesome historic punishments. It was a fantastic day!

In our English lessons, we looked at the writing of Charles Dickens and read both Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. The children particularly enjoyed writing about Pip's first encounter with Magwitch in the moors and they wrote some incredible descriptions of the mysterious Miss Havisham.

In Science we learnt all about materials and their properties and we undertook some fascinating investigations. We looked at which materials made the best insulators, which liquid caused metal to rust the fastest and which materials dissolved quickest in to water. It was a superb topic and we loved every minute.

In Geography, we looked at the features of rivers and wrote some fantastic information texts about famous rivers around the world. We also learnt lots about different bridges in our DT lessons and, after a visit from a civil engineer and a walk around the local bridges, we designed and built our own to see who could create the strongest structures.


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