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Spring Term 2019

This term our topic is ‘Derbyshire’. Our story book is ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl, because Dahl was educated locally at Repton School. We have been learning all about the history of Derbyshire, such as the Cromford Mill and the mining industry, and been comparing it to our life nowadays. This half term we are looking at the tourist attractions in Derbyshire and learning about the reasons that people may want to visit.

In English, we are focussing on persuasive writing to advertise our own products, in a similar way to Willy Wonka. The children have come up with their own wonderful products and produced beautiful persuasive advertisements to encourage people to buy them. We will further develop this with our class trip to Cadbury World, where we will have classroom based activity about persuasive packaging and a tour of the factory. As well as persuasive writing, children have written newspaper reports, diary entries and retold parts of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The first half term in Science, our topic was ‘Sound’ and the children carried out an investigation to decide which material would be best to use for soundproofing. In the second half term, we are starting our new Science topic, which is ‘Animals including humans’. During this topic, the children will learn all about the digestive systems of different animals and compare them to humans. The children created clay models of their teeth, using a mirror, to recognise the shape and size of the different types of teeth. We had a very messy lesson of recreating the human digestive system, which was very fun and helped to consolidate learning!

Later this term, we have our class Enterprise afternoon, where the children will be making and selling different products in order to make a profit. They have been producing wonderful paintings, based on our artist study of Wayne Thiebaud and will also be producing their own ‘Marvellous Creations’ chocolates. To begin our Design and Technology product, the children carried out a taste test and rated different chocolates based on appearance, smell, texture and taste. They will use this information to help them to carry out market research into the most popular flavours in a chocolate bar, which will inform their final product


Autumn Term 2018-19

This term, Year 4 are learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Throughout this topic, we will learn what it meant to be an invader or a settler during this period, as well as a lot of other interesting information. So far, we have explored the reasons for the Anglo-Saxons settling in Britain and have learnt where the best place was for them to build their houses and communities, so they had everything they needed. As well as this, we have learnt about the typical diet of an Anglo-Saxon family and explained why they ate what they did. The children really enjoyed researching this and found out some amusing facts!

In English lessons, we are using a range of different texts to further explore our Anglo-Saxon and Viking topic, whilst our main story is Beowulf by Michael Morpurgo. During guided reading sessions, the class have been enjoying their free reading time spent in ‘The Secret Garden’ reading corner.

During Science lessons, Year 4 are learning about ‘Living Things and their Habitats’. So far, we have learnt about the seven processes that make something a living thing and we have looked into different ways of classifying living things within our local habitat, based on their characteristics. We have been on a wildlife hunt around the school grounds, where we used magnifying glasses and sheets to identify different living things that we found.

The Woodpeckers have decided to spend their Enterprise money to adopt a jaguar from the WWF. We have been sent lots of information and updates about our jaguar and a soft toy mascot, called Nindiri. Each week a member of the class takes her home and writes in her passport to let the rest of the class know what they have been up to. The children are really enjoying this and have been taking photos of Nindiri doing very exciting things!


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