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RH Classes OwlsWelcome to Year 3, the Owls class!

In the Owl classroom this term, we will be reading a range of books to help us with our topic ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. The first book we will look at is Stone Age Boy and we will be using this to help us write an adventure story and diary entries. We are also going to read Stone Girl, Bone Girl which is the story of Mary Anning who discovered lots of fossils. A visit to the Stone Centre in Wirksworth should also help with our science topic of Rocks and Fossils. 

The summer term was a very busy one for the Owls! We started off the term with a visit from ’Animal Magic’ to introduce our topic on animals. We met a selection of different creatures including a hissing cockroach, a chameleon and sugar gliders. Everyone got the chance to hold the baby meerkats who stole the show.

Another highlight of the term was the Design and Technology week when we used our book ‘James and the Giant Peach’ to inspire us. We built peach transporters and had great fun testing them in the hall. We also enjoyed trying out the go karts built by Year 6.

In Science we were studying healthy eating and designed a healthy sandwich we could take on a journey. Everyone got the chance to make and eat their design!

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During the spring term, the Owls studied the Romans and Roman Britain. We enjoyed reading ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and a version of Julius Caesar. Mr. Hammond, an archaeologist brought in lots of Roman artefacts for us to study and we finished the day with a Roman ‘banquet’. We tasted lots of different foods which the Romans would have eaten.

Our Enterprise Afternoon was a great success where we sold lots of the things we had made such as clay coil pots and a quiz which we wrote the questions for ourselves. We sold delicious honey cake which was based on a traditional Roman recipe. We finished the afternoon with a dramatisation of ‘Escape from Pompeii’ which wrote ourselves.

Next term, we will be studying plants and animals and our story book is ‘The Strength of the Wolf is in the Pack’, an adaptation of ‘The Jungle Book’. 


During the Autumn term, the Owls went back in time to study the Stone Age. We enjoyed reading Stig of The Dump and took part in lots of different activities. We went on a visit to the National Stone Centre where we learned about fossils and even got to make our own. We were also able to pan for gems which was great fun. Mrs. York, a teacher from Friesland, came to help us with a dance about Stone Age hunters.

In Arts Week, we studied a painting of Stonehenge by John Constable and painted our own versions which we displayed on Open Evening with some of our writing.

Next term, we will be studying the Romans and the impact of the invasion on Britain.


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