March 2019




The Ducklings have been loving their Pirates topic this term! We have been playing Pirate Bingo, walking the plank and reading our phonics words, creating our own pirates and pirate portraits and doing lots of fun activities and drama on the school pirate ship! It has been amazing!






For our Enterprise afternoon, we decided that we would set up a Treasure Hunt like the one Percy the Park Keeper set up in his story. We wrote rhyming clues and drew picture clues and wrote letters to invite our families. We made lots of beautiful products to sell. We painted a picture of a blossom tree, made paper windmills, bookmarks with our names on and ladybird paperweights. Then we made price lists and posters so the grownups knew how much everything cost. On the day, we completed the Treasure Hunt with our families and performed two songs about plants. Then we were in charge of the stalls. We sold all of the products! The children decided that they would like to use this money to buy comics for the Year 1 book corner.




This month we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We acted out escaping from the fire and the children have thought carefully about what London would have been like at that time. The children wrote some fantastic adventure stories and even edited their own photos for the front cover!




We have been reading some fantastic stories in Year 3 this term! In our work on Iron Man by Ted Hughes, we did lots of art showing the Iron Man stood on the edge of the cliff at the start of the story and did some really fun drama! We also re-enacted a local council meeting where different members of a society were deciding what to do about the Iron Man—it was great fun!



Woodpeckers MarchY4

As part of our topic on ‘Inventors’ we went on a school trip to Cadbury World. This also helped us with ideas for our Enterprise afternoon, which is coming up in April. Whilst we were there, we had a tour of the factory and got to taste some melted chocolate. We watched a really exciting demonstration on how caramel chocolates are made and got to see Cadbury workers making all different kinds of chocolate. As well as this, we had a classroom experience called ‘Bean to Bar’, where we learnt a lot more about how chocolate is made. To finish off the trip, we went into the 4D Cinema Experience. We had a fabulous day and all the children absolutely loved it!



As part of their work on Rivers, Year 5 went on a walk to look at bridges in the local area. We are looking forward to designing and making our own bridges as part of a Design and Technology project.




We have had a month filled with Literature  in Year 6! In the last few weeks, we have: read the Buddhist story of Siddhartha and the Four Sights and written our own version; created spooky, mysterious stories based on Harris Burdick pictures; read the whole of Room 13 by Robert Swindells AND Millions by Frank Cottrell-Boyce; and practised writing out curses in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics!

It was the perfect month for World Book Day to take place in. As the whole school focus was The Day The Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers, we decided to spend the afternoon looking at another Oliver Jeffers book: The Child of Books. It has a unique art style in which most of the picture is created from words from classic novels. We made our own images using some of Oliver Jeffers’ characters and the words from some of the books which we have read in class.