July 2018

induction lunch and duckling fun 056


In June, Year 5 took care of 3 ducklings and, for one day, our reception class took over their job! They had a fantastic time with the ducklings! They: watched them swim in a paddling pool; took them for a ride in a toy caravan; pushed them around in a little pram; and gave them lots of cuddles! It was a wonderful day!


Y1 1

For our Enterprise afternoon, we decided that we would set up a Treasure Hunt like the one Percy the Park Keeper set up in his story. We wrote rhyming clues and drew picture clues and wrote letters to invite our families. We made lots of beautiful products to sell. We painted a picture of a blossom tree, made paper windmills, bookmarks with our name on and bumblebee paperweights. Then we made price lists so the grownups knew how much everything cost. On the day, we completed the Treasure Hunt with our families and performed two songs about plants. Then we were in charge of the stalls. We sold all of the products and made £97! The children decided that they would like to use this money to buy comics for the Year 1 book corner.


IMG 1389

This term our storybook has been Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. Linking in with the book, we have been learning all about animals and habitats. We spent lots of time around school looking for minibeasts and thinking about food chains.

Earlier on in the term, we went on a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and saw the only polar bears in England. It was a super day and we all enjoyed looking at animals we had learnt about as part of our work on adaptation.

The children also performed fantastically in our class assembly on habitats and we were really proud of how confident they all were. They have had a fantastic year as members of the Swift class and deserve to be very proud of themselves.

Owls 2

This half term we have been studying animals in our Science lessons. We have had a chance to look at the similarities and differences between the various animal classes. We were able to meet a duckling, a leopard gecko and some locusts. We also went on an animal safari around the grounds looking for examples of British wild animals.


In D&T we designed and made healthy sandwiches and fruit mocktails as part of our work on nutrition.


Propaganda 1

In preparation for their transition in to year 6, the Kingfishers have started looking at their first topic: World War 2. We have been exploring propaganda from the era and looking at the way they were styled and the messages that they were used to share. Once we had explored them thoroughly, we took photos of ourselves and used photo editing software to put our images in to iconic pieces of World War 2 propaganda and the results were fantastic. Well done, Kingfishers – you are going to be amazing in Year 6!


Archery Enya

In year 6, we have done many exciting things from making eggs expand to flinging in the air on the 3G swing; however, my favourite thing was the archery. It was at Kingswood when we went as a class, from Wednesday 23rd May – Friday 25th May; we did lots of other things as well. Our instructor was called Laura (a talented archer) and she went step-by-step to teach us how to become archery champions.


This is my most treasured memory from the residential because I was with my friends and also on my first attempt I got a bullseye. Each time we did a new activity we did a chant and our chant was “I want to shoot like Robin Hood.” This was quite fitting as we did Robin Hood and The Sherwood Hoodies for our summer production.
by Enya