July 2019




This month, the Ducklings have spent as much time as possible with their year 6 buddies before they leave to go to Secondary School. They have done lots together and had so much fun! The year 6 children designed and made personalised board games for them to play together and wrote their own stories all about their buddies. They spent a morning together playing and reading these then had a big Hungry Caterpillar picnic where everyone tried lots of different foods. They also spent a lovely afternoon together just playing with all of the toys and dressing up as different characters. It has been lovely seeing the  relationships they have built and it looks like they have made some lifelong friendships.






This term Year 1 have been learning to play the recorder. The children have been practising in school and at home. We have learnt the notes a and b and we can now play a tune about robots. Eliza also learnt how to play ‘Three Blind Mice’ at home and she performed it to the whole class. 




This month, year 2 have been preparing for their transition from Infants to Juniors. As part of this, they performed their final class assembly as part of the Infants. The play was based on an imagined reunion for the class in 2039 where they reflect on their time at Redhill. They showed videos of what they hope to be doing when they are older, sang songs and played music on the handbells. It was an excellent assembly and they performed brilliantly. Well done, Swifts!




This month, we held our special enterprise day and ran an afternoon of entertainment for our parents and families. We made lots of videos, sang some songs and performed a play in the style of Horrible Histories to teach them all about life in ancient Roman times. We also showed off the Roman style pottery we had made throughout the term, some multimedia videos we had made and some photos of us dressed as celtic warriors. We have loved this topic and this was the perfect way to end it!


Woodpeckers July2019Y4

Woodpeckers have been very busy this month and have been up to lots of exciting activities. They decided to spend their Enterprise profit on a party, where they played different games and ate lots of food (including pizza and a chocolate fountain)! It was a fantastic end to celebrate a wonderful year of achievement for them all. Alongside this, they have been very busy making their own interpretations of Native American weaving patterns, fitting with our topic on North America. They children built the frames themselves by sawing wood and then, very patiently, weaved their patterns. They have turned out fantastically well and I know the children are incredibly proud of them.



This month Year 5 enjoyed a visit from Severn Trent when we found out about how our water is managed. Using VR equipment, we followed a raindrop on its journey to our taps. We also mended broken pipes and detected leaks wearing the appropriate safety equipment! There were many other games to help us understand the work of Severn Trent and how we can help look after our water .




Sadly, it’s that heartbreaking time of year where we have to say goodbye to our incredible year 6 class. They are a wonderful bunch of pupils who have been exceptional role models for the school and who have brightened every one’s days with their enthusiasm, kindness and joy. To celebrate their time at the school, they wrote and performed an end of year assembly poking fun at their teachers. In the assembly, they imagined that Mrs Millar had found the infinity gauntlet from the Avengers films and used it to make all of the school holidays disappear. Consequently, they had to recruit all of the teachers (who were secretly superheroes) to help stop her. It was a really funny play with some incredible comic performances and a fantastic music video made using green screen. They have been an unbelievable class at the school and we will all really miss them. Well done, Skylarks—good luck in secondary school! Watch the Leavers' video here