January 2019




The Ducklings have started their new topic: Dinosaurs! It is a great topic based around the book ‘A Bucketful of Dinosaurs’. So far, we have designed and created our dinosaurs and given them our own special names and we have also used our ICT skills to design a land for a dinosaur to live in! We are absolutely loving the topic so far!





Y1 Jan2

In January, the children designed their own fairy-tale house. We used recycled boxes and card to make the structure. We followed our plans to paint the box and add decoration.  Then we evaluated our finished products.





This half term, year 2 are learning all about China! As part of our topic, we have been looking at how Chinese New Year is celebrated and which traditional events take place. This month, we were lucky enough to be visited by professional dancers who came and put on a tradition Chinese New Year dragon dance for the whole school! It was spectacular!




Over the past few weeks, Year 3 have been discovering the creatures in the woods!  While exploring our new storybook, Sophie and the Shadow Woods, we used the Cottingley fairies as inspiration for our own adventures where we met goblins, fairies and sprites of many types in the school grounds.  We have written some super stories, full of action and effective dialogue, while also creating multi-media presentations of our own about the woodland creatures, full of facts, hyperlinks, animations and even videos.  We have used our torches to explore the woods and learnt more about light and shadows in our Science topic about light and are looking forward to our forthcoming trip to Derby Museum to learn more about the Derby artist Joseph Wright, famous for painting light at night! 


Woodpeckers Y4Jan

This half term we are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as our class story book. To fit in with our story book theme we have been carrying out an artist study into Wayne Thiebaud. We have learnt all about his life and decided which paintings of his are our favourites. We’ve learnt to describe how they make us feel, as well as having a go at drawing and painting them ourselves. Soon we will be using his artwork as inspiration to create our own ‘sweet treat’ paintings, using real life objects.



This month the Kingfishers held their Enterprise Afternoon – an opportunity to show case their work on a Day of the Dead theme. Throughout the term, the children have been learning about the customs and traditions about this Mexican festival. They have created Ofrendas, clay skulls, mindfulness colouring books and typical Mexican food such as chilli and tacos and guacamole and nachos. There was also a story telling session and an opportunity to have a photograph taken in front of a green screen.

The afternoon was rounded off with a dance to ‘Speedy Gonzales’ and a rendition of Remember Me from the film Coco. The parents and children had a great time judging by the lovely buzzy atmosphere in the hall. Kingfishers raised a fantastic profit of £143 which they will enjoy spending!



This month, the Skylarks have been learning all about mysteries. As part of their work, they looked at a story called Francis by the American author, Dave Eggers,. This story has been turned in to an animated film. For their work, they wrote their own version of the story then they learnt how to use iMovie on the iPads in order to edit the film in to a short, atmospheric trailer.

Following this work, they worked in small groups to develop their own mystery stories all about the sudden disappearance of a child at Redhill Primary school. Their stories were fantastic and to help inspire their writing, they directed, filmed, acted in  and edited their own trailers for their stories. These videos are now on YouTube and we are having a competition to see whose trailer can get the most views and likes! You can watch the videos here.