September 2018



Monday 24th sept 048

Recently, the Ducklings have been getting out and about in all weathers with the characters from the Julia Donaldson stories we have been reading! We have been using our communication, problem-solving and creative skills to face a range of challenges! We have been building bridges, boats and homes for the characters from The Smartest Giant in Town, mixing medicines and ointments in the mud kitchen for Zog and Princess Pearl to use to make the other dragons feel better and making caves for the Gruffalo’s Child to hide in to stay away from the “big, bad mouse!”






In Year One we transformed into witches and wizards. We followed a recipe from a magical spell book and made our snack appear. Then we went on a welly walk and collected the ingredients for a magic potion. In Literacy, we worked with Mrs Davies to write our own magic potion. 






Year 3 have been ROCK STARS this term!  From learning about fossils to exploring the permeability of rocks,  from learning about different types of rock to making our own chocolate rocks, we have become geological experts.  Our trip to the National Stone Centre in Wirksworth was an exciting opportunity to learn more about our rocky world with the help of the experts at the centre.  We even got to pan for gems that we were allowed to keep!  Back in school we have been reading the story Stone Age Boy and, as well as writing Stone Age stories of our own, we put on a dance performance of the story for Year 1 Robins.  What a busy term so far!




This term, Year 4 are learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. Throughout this topic, we will learn what it meant to be an invader or a settler during this period, as well as a lot of other interesting information. So far, we have explored the reasons for the Anglo-Saxons settling in Britain and have learnt where the best place was for them to build their houses and communities, so they had everything they needed. 



In Literacy we have been looking at stories that contain a portal.  We looked at a section of Caroline where she finds the doorway that leads to her other mother and other father and CoCo where Miguel touches a guitar and crosses over into the land of the dead. We have also looked at a picture book called Journey which is a picture book about a girl who finds a crayon in her bedroom and whatever she draws comes to life! Mrs Greaves took a photo of us all against a green screen and during ICT we inserted our image into a fantasy world. These are going to form the basis for a piece of Big Writing called The Portal.



Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the year! We have been learning all about World War 2 and the era in which it took place. As part of our learning, we have been looking at famous movies of the 1940's and we have used our fantastic ICT (and fashion modelling) skills to recreate some classic film posters.