Spring News


Birmingham Conservatoire


This year, some of our Year 5 children have been learning how to play the recorder. A student from the Birmingham Conservatoire has been visiting once a week to give them special coaching sessions. Last half term, this learning culminated in a performance of lots of different pieces alongside members of the Birmingham Conservatoire.


Easter Bonnet Parade

On Friday 23rd March, it was time for our annual Easter Bonnet Parade by the infants! Every sngle bonnet was an incredible piece of art and it was fantastic to see the children all walking so confidently around the hall for their parents. With a great amount of difficulty, we chose two winners from each year group. However, every single child should be proud of their work and we though they all looked fantastic.

Easter Bonnet 1     Easter Bonnet 2     Easter Bonnet 3


Class Assemblies and Enterprise Days

This term we have been lucky enough to watch several incredible class assemblies! Year 5 performed an exceptional play based on their topic of Crime and Punishment in which they imagined what would happen if our teachers were put on trial during different eras in British history. We also had year 4 performing a fantastic assembly in which we learnt lots of fascinating facts all about vikings and the Iron Age.

Furthermore, Year 4 held a special Enterprise Day based on Roman History where they invited parents to come and visit the school. They had made some amazing mosaic pictures, lots of fascinating fact files, traditional Roman food and lots more. It was a huge success and both the children and their parents had a brilliant day.

IMG 1843