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The Governing Body has a strategic role in the financial management of schools and its key responsibilities include:

  • Approval of Annual Budget
  • Authorisation of the 3 year financial plan
  • Setting financial priorities through the School Development Plan
  • Appointment and salary of Head Teacher
  • Determination of the staff complement and pay policy for the school
  • Authorisation of Terms of Reference for all committees
  • Authorisation of non-budgeted expenditure and virements
  • To approve financial regulations and procedures on an annual basis.
  • Act as a critical friend to the school on all financial matters


The Governing Body will not delegate any functions relating to: the constitution of the Governing Body (unless otherwise provided by the Constitution Regulations), the appointment or removal of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the appointment of the Clerk, the suspension of governors, the delegation of functions and the establishment of committees.


Delegated Functions Overview

The following functions are delegated to the board, but not to any individual:

  • Functions relating to the approval of the first formal budget plan of the financial year;
  • Functions relating to school discipline policies;
  • Functions relating to the exclusions of pupils (except in an emergency when the Chair has the power to exercise these functions).



The quorum for governing body meetings shall not be less than half of all serving governors and this number shall be rounded up should it be an odd number. Associate governors are not included for the purposes of quorum.


Approved by the Governing Body on 19 September 2019.