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Staff Drawings 


Meet the staff

Come and meet the wonderful staff at our school!

Miss N Bargh - Headteacher: Miss Bargh is responsible for leading our school. She is also the designated Safeguarding lead.

Mrs I Taylor - Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Taylor is our deputy headteacher, deputy safeguarding lead, co-leader of Literacy and leader of our Science and Modern Foreign Languages. She teaches our Year 6 class - the Skylarks - and works 3 days a week.

Mr A Cicinski - Assistant Headteacher: Mr Cicinski is our assistant headteacher, NQT mentor and the leader for ICT, DT, Creative Arts and Displays. For the 2018-19 academic year, he will be teaching our year 3 class: The Owls.

Miss L Ramsay: Miss Ramsay teaches our Reception class: The Ducklings. She is the Key Stage 1 and Early Years co-ordinator and the leader of PSHCE and RE.

Mrs V DaviesMrs Davies teaches our year 1 class: The Robins. She is the Mathematics co-ordinator for Key Stage 1 and a Special Needs co-ordinator.

Mr M Day: Mr Day teaches our year 2 class: The Swifts. He is our PE co-ordinator.

Miss S Grosvenor: Miss Grosvenor will be joining our team for her NQT year in the 2018-19 academic year. She will be teaching our year 4 class: The Woodpeckers.

Mrs C Greaves: Mrs Greaves teaches our Year 5 class: The Kingfishers. She is a Special Needs co-ordinator and our Music leader.She works 3 days a week.

Mrs C Parkin: Mrs Parkin also teaches our year 5 class. She is a co-leader of Literacy and works 3 days a week.

Mr A Wright: Mr Wright teaches our Year 6 class - The Skylarks - alongside Mrs Taylor. He is the Mathematics co-ordinator for Key Stage 2, leader of Humanities, our E-Safety and Anti-Bullying Co-Ordinator and he is responsible for the upkeep of the school website. 

Here are the other, essential members of our staff who help keep the school running smoothly, successfully and happily:

Sports Coach:            Mr J May                       Site Manager:                   Mrs L McGilveray
Teaching Assistants: Mrs V Harrison             Facilities and Catering:   Mrs M Potter 
                                     Mrs D Nadin                                                            Mrs D Hall 
                                     Mrs H Barber                                                          Mrs Jones 
                                     Mrs L Crooks                                                          Mrs Price 
                                     Mrs C Lee                                                               Mrs Forbes 
Admin Officer:            Mrs S Buchanen          Midday Supervisors:        Mrs Potter
Admin Officer / TA:    Mrs K Beal                                                              Mrs Main
Finance Manager:      Mrs S Henty                                                            Mrs Prince
Finance Officer:         Mrs D Craven                                                          Mrs Greensmith
Music Tutors:             Mr P O'Connor                                                        Mrs Birkinshaw
                                    Mr D Woods                                                             Mrs Atter
                                    Mr Hanson                                                               Mrs Carter
                                                                                                                     Mr Morley






The Governing Body establishes an overall framework for the governance of the academy. It takes on a strategic role, acts as a critical friend to the school and is accountable for its decisions. It sets aims and objectives and reviews, agrees and monitors policies, targets and priorities. Governing Body meetings are open to the public with Minutes available except for matters considered confidential. In the event of a tied vote the Chair or Acting Chair/Vice Chair will have a second or casting vote.

The Governing Body will:

  • Hold at least 3 meetings per year
  • Appoint or remove the clerk
  • Elect a Chair and Vice Chair
  • Advise all parents of any parent governor vacancies, all staff of staff governor vacancies and to appoint co-opted governors
  • Set dates of meetings for the year ahead
  • Receive Head teacher reports
  • Review and monitor national test results
  • Review the level of exclusions
  • Monitor attendance of pupils/staff/governors
  • Monitor accidents/incidents involving pupils/staff/governors/visitors
  • Set pupil performance targets
  • If required, consider the suspension of a governor
  • Provide induction for new governors
  • Encourage governors to visit school and to review, adopt and monitor a governors’ visit policy and feedback procedure
  • Review, adopt and monitor the procedures for dealing with complaints from parents/carers
  • Review, approve and monitor the School Improvement Plan
  • Annually review and approve the School Health and Safety Policy
  • Monitor the implementation of the schools health and safety arrangements
  • Ensure at least 2 governors are appointed to complete the Headteacher’s Performance Management.
  • Maintain and update annually a file of business and pecuniary interest declarations
  • Publish information on governors and their business or pecuniary interests as required by legislation.
  • Ensure governing body information is recorded and kept up to date on the DfE’s national database of governors (Edubase).
  • Review, adopt and monitor a governors’ expenses policy and curriculum policy
  • Review annually the delegation of functions and committee structure     
  • Receive reports and in particular policy documents from its committees for ratification.
  • Monitor the activities of the committees through the minutes of their meetings and establishes committee terms of reference. 
  • Organise support and training for governors
  • To receive a regular report on Safeguarding

The Governing Body has a strategic role in the financial management of schools and its key responsibilities include:

  • Approval of Annual Budget
  • Authorisation of the 3 year financial plan
  • Setting financial priorities through the School Development Plan
  • Appointment and salary of Head Teacher
  • Determination of the staff complement and pay policy for the school     
  • Authorisation of Terms of Reference for all committees
  • Authorisation of non-budgeted expenditure and virements
  • To approve financial regulations and procedures on an annual basis.     
  • Act as a critical friend to the school on all financial matters

The Governing Body will not delegate any functions relating to: the constitution of the Governing Body (unless otherwise provided by the Constitution Regulations), the appointment or removal of the Chair and Vice-Chair, the appointment of the Clerk, the suspension of governors, the delegation of functions and the establishment of committees.


Delegated Functions Overview

The following functions are delegated to the board, but not to any individual:

  • Functions relating to the alteration, discontinuance or change of category of maintained schools;
  • Functions relating to the approval of the first formal budget plan of the financial year;
  • Functions relating to school discipline policies;
  • Functions relating to the exclusions of pupils (except in an emergency when the Chair has the power to exercise these functions);
  • Functions relating to admissions.


The quorum for governing body meetings shall not be less than half of all serving governors and this number shall be rounded up should it be an odd number. Associate governors are not included for the purposes of quorum.




Spring News


Birmingham Conservatoire


This year, some of our Year 5 children have been learning how to play the recorder. A student from the Birmingham Conservatoire has been visiting once a week to give them special coaching sessions. Last half term, this learning culminated in a performance of lots of different pieces alongside members of the Birmingham Conservatoire.


Easter Bonnet Parade

On Friday 23rd March, it was time for our annual Easter Bonnet Parade by the infants! Every sngle bonnet was an incredible piece of art and it was fantastic to see the children all walking so confidently around the hall for their parents. With a great amount of difficulty, we chose two winners from each year group. However, every single child should be proud of their work and we though they all looked fantastic.

Easter Bonnet 1     Easter Bonnet 2     Easter Bonnet 3


Class Assemblies and Enterprise Days

This term we have been lucky enough to watch several incredible class assemblies! Year 5 performed an exceptional play based on their topic of Crime and Punishment in which they imagined what would happen if our teachers were put on trial during different eras in British history. We also had year 4 performing a fantastic assembly in which we learnt lots of fascinating facts all about vikings and the Iron Age.

Furthermore, Year 4 held a special Enterprise Day based on Roman History where they invited parents to come and visit the school. They had made some amazing mosaic pictures, lots of fascinating fact files, traditional Roman food and lots more. It was a huge success and both the children and their parents had a brilliant day.

IMG 1843