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The governing body meets once each academic term. The governing body establishes an overall framework for the governance of the academy and agrees membership of committees. Governing body committees consist of Finance, Personnel and Audit Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee and Facilities Committee. The governing body receives reports and in particular policy documents from its committees for ratification. It monitors the activities of the committees through the minutes of their meetings and establishes committee terms of reference. 

The governing body is responsible for setting general policy, adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the academy budgets and making major decisions about the direction of the academy, capital expenditure and senior staff appointments.



Summer News


DT Week

In the penultimate week of our term, we focused all of our work around an extended DT project Using funding from Rolls Royce, each year group was set the challenge of designing and making a different type of car: Reception and year 1 had to make cars using a cardboard chassis; Years 2 to 4 had to build their own frames out of wood and transport different objects; year 5 had to create a car that ran with a motor and a switch; and Year 6 designed and built their own Go Karts for children in school to play on. It was a brilliant week and we have been blown away by the children's creations!

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Animals, Animals and more animals!

Redhill has been like a mini zoo this term with all of the animals we have had in school! Year 5 have hatched some eggs and raised the chicks for the first two weeks of their lives; Reception have had a new guinea pig as a class pet which they have named Rice Crispie; The Duckligs have also held a special Pet Afternoon where they all brough their pets to school, including a shetand pony; and Year 1 and 3 had a mobile zoo visit which brought animals such as skunks, meerkats, snakes, spiders and cockroaches for them to play with! It's been a wonderful, animal-filled term!

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Caribbean Day

For their Enterprise Day, the Year 2s held a fantastic Caribbean day in school for the parents to attend. They performed an amazing assembly inspired by Caribbean stories, ate lots of delicious Caribbean food and shared their incredible Caribbean art. It was a brilliant day!

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Summer Fair

This term we also enjoyed our amazing annual Summer Fair which is organised yearly by our brilliant PTFA. We manage to raise over £2000 for the school and we had lots of amazing attractions such as this brilliant little skate park.

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  • Our statutory duties and strategic planning for the forthcoming year including elections, reviewing terms of reference and confirming our monitoring framework;
  • 2016 Performance Information/Data – looking at how our children did compared to national expectations;
  • Approval of the School Improvement Plan – ensuring our strategic direction and school priorities are accurate and reflect data and stakeholder views;
  • Reports from our external Auditors: Annual Report and Audit;
  • Reviewing the finances for the school.
  • Continuous Professional Development for all staff;
  • Safeguarding arrangements;
  • Ensuring that performance management and appraisals were conducted for all staff.



In September 2016 we welcomed Dominic Waller, a new Staff Governor to the Governing Body. All new Governors receive a welcome information pack and meet with the Headteacher and Chair prior to starting their role.


Since September 2016, the following Training has been undertaken by one or more Governors:

  • E-Safety Training
  • Governor Induction
  • Safeguarding including the Prevent Duty, Female Genital Mutilation and Safer Recruitment.
  • Raiseonline - how to interpret the performance data.
  • Health & Safety – the role of Governors.


We are members of the National Governors Association (NGA) network www.nga.org.uk. This organisation is specifically there to support Governors in schools and offers a range of information, advice and guidance.


We have an independent Clerk for our Full Governing Body meetings, Jill Wilkinson. Our committees are clerked through the school or by a Governor. You can contact our Clerk at: jwilkinson@satrust.com